i drink 3 types of beer last night

    While having my dinner which was home made lasagna that  my friend did with an experiment to put some mushrooms, onions and spinach, that turned out really good I was having my first beer the local one that is the Redhorse Beer

    After I’ve had 2 cans of Redhorse I took a a can of Guinness Beer from the fridge which i’ve tried before that has a different taste cause it taste bitter sweet.

    i Just had one can of that and my friend showed me what I haven’t tried and he only bought it just for me and that’s the Foster Beer. so that was the last beer im having cause im getting drunk and we had good conversations and while we’re also having a good time figuring out what flavor were eating of Jelly Belly. Well I think my fvorite one is the cherry and coconut flavor.. and so we had a great time last night =)

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    Posted on Monday, 21 November
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